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  The Old school "St. George"

    The exposition of the History Museum in Asrnovgrsd, dedicated to education and culture in our town at the end of the 19th to beginning of the 20th century, took place at the old school "Saint George", which is located next to the Curch of Saint George in the neighborhood Ambelino. The school building was the first one in the town, built upon a special plan on the eve of the Liberation. After the reconstruction in 2000, it is an extensive building with two exhibition halls on the first floor and four large rooms on the second one.
     After the school made available for the Museum use in 2006, specialists did necessarily that the public, educational and cultural life of the town from the late 19th to the 30s of 20th century to be illustrated in an unusual way. The halls on the lower floor are a place for the arrangement of a lot of authors, thematic and other exhibitions.
     In one of the halls on the second floor you can see a reconstruction of a school room of that time. The atmosphere of a bookstore "Gandi" is represented in another one. The public cultural companies /the late 19th and early 20th century/ - the Community Center, the Choral Society, the Bulgarian civil friendship, the Church institution in and around the town are exposed in the third room.
     According to museum professionals, the presentation of the exposition complies with the principle "Museum - Forum" and in this way the connection between the past and modernity is ensured. This means that the function of the museum space is discrete and so it must be used for contemporary social, educational and cultural activities.