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  The Ethnographic house

   There is an exposition, displayed in the Ethnographic house, built in the middle of the 19th century and was the former property of a wealthy local merchant of Greek origin. In 1906, his family moved to Greece, then for a short time the house was an Elementary school. The Ethnographic house, built by Bracigovo master builders, is located at the bottom of the courtyard, surrounded by high stone walls. To reach it, you have to walk on the cobblestone path, which passes through a beautiful garden with grapevine, lilac, fig-trees and flowers.
  You can hear the sound of water, flowing from a marble fountain, constructed in 1856.
  The Ethnographic house has got two floors and a deep wine cellar.
  The second floor is projected with an oriel above the first. The outside of the building is painted in blue, with flowers under the windows. There is a double-armed staircase to the entrance with two high wooden columns, holding up this second floor. The inside, all of the rooms are painted in different colours, and there is a carving on the ceilings, doors and wall cupboards.
  A dining room, bedroom and drawing-rooms are arranged wth original exhibits. Male and female costumes by the end of the 19th century are displayed here. You can focus your attention on the street organ, made by a local craftsman. The customs "Kalinitsa" and the Town Carnival of Shrovetide are presented by the paintings of the local artist Costa Forev.
  In the cellar there is an exposition of the local viticulture and wine-producing from the Antiquity until the middle of the 20th century.