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Modern and Contemporary history

 Department of Modern and Contemporary history has existed from the foundation of The History Museum of Asenovgrad. Curators’ longstanding collection activity has aimed at studying of the political, economic and cultural life in Asenovgrad town and the region since 1878 to nowadays. The fund of the Department is one of the largest in the Museum and contains over 5500 archival units. The significant collections include following:
 - documents and archives, representing the anti-fascist movement in the Asenovgrad region;
 - photographs of the town, the region and significant events;
 - public funds: "Tobacco cooperative", "Assenova krepost ", Tour Company "Bezovo," Physical Society "Asenovets", Asenovgrad Municipal theatre and others;
 - personal funds of Vlasho Nalbantov, Iliya Vakarelov, Hristo Daskalov and others.
Currently, the curator of the Department is Rossitsa Bikova.